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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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of this case. so as far as impact goes, the only impact is that angelina's starting a little bit ahead of brad at the very beginning of the custody talk. >> angelina filed for divorce from brad on september 19th, citing irreconcilable differences. and there's another twist. "e.t." has confirmed that angelina has been consulting with pr crisis manager judy smith. >> there's always a crisis. no shortage of it. >> smith, of course, is the real-life inspiration for kerry washington's olivia pooe character on "scandal." >> all you have to stand up and then you and i walk out of here. >> we want the show to be as real as possible. >> the 57-year-old fixxr has advised many other celebrities including paula dean, monica lewinsky and kobe bryant. as co-executive produce or "scandal" she helps kerry understand the role. >> it's a tough job with very high expectations and a lot of intrigue and a lot of strategic thinking. >> we actually talked to smith about angelina in 2013.
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the pr expert praised jolie for how she handled news surrounding her double mastectomy. >> she did an amazing job at keeping something like that prief and the she made the best decision for herself and her family which is important. >> meanwhile, angelina's ex billy bob thornton dodged reporters last night. the actor posed for photos at the premiere of his series "goliath" and he wanted to avoid questions about jolie's split with brad. >> great news for another celebrity couple. it's official. blake lively and ryan reynolds are parents again. >> ryan has reason to smile today. "e.t." can confirm that he and blake welcomed their new bundle of joy this week in new york city. for now, the couple is keeping the name and gender under wraps. you may remember they waited three months before revealing the name of their daughter jane. she'll turn 2 in december. we're guessing make's bestie taylor swift has details and shh was spotted visiting the family
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pt the hospital. that's her car. >> have you figured it out there, the parenting thing. >> congrats, blake and ryan. julianne hough fights back. she was called out by a dancing can the stars contestant who took issue with a comment julianne hough made during her performance. ♪ ♪ >> it was a point in the dance where i had to lift my leg up and maks dipped me and she said i'm uncomfortable. >> i did feel body shamed. my body, my hips, my breasts made her feel uncomfortable. >> there's amber rose this morning all smiles despite the controversy she started. the model and single mom is actually proud having lost ten pounds since starting the show. >> do you feel like julianne disrespected you? >> i love women. >> today julianne responded, as
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well, telling us any kind of body shaming is the farthest thing from who i am and what i stand for. my comments were solely reacting to the quality of the dance i was judging. >> it wasn't the proper salsa that we were all looking for. >> while julianne spent a long time anti-bullying advocate she's admitted to having her own body struggles in the past. >> i definitely am kind of the person that fluctuates up and down. i realize, oh, maybe i shouldn't be having that fifth pizza this week. so it's more about balance for me. loving your body and loving your own shape and owning that shape. let's keep moving. apparently when lady gaga sang the national anthem at the super bowl in february it was an audition for a bigger gig, the halftime show and now she's moving on up to the big stage. ♪ ♪ >> i am so excited. >> the world's going gaga, finally. the lady confirmed the rumors on instagram yesterday and her
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star-spangled success may have helped her clinch it. ♪ the bombs bursting in air >> gaga, how was it? >> you tell me. >> so what can you expect for super bowl li? first, possible collaborations. while the nfl and pepsi say there are no other acts confirmed yet, gaga and beyonce did belt out a top ten hit in 2010 and let's not forget, gaga's last duet partner, tony bennett. her potential playlist. the 30-year-old has plenty of number one hits including "just dance," or "born this way." also -- ♪ ♪ >> and expect big-time self-promotion. >> lady gaga is up in album sales and this is a huge opportunity. she's got her new album in just ♪bout three weeks.
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this year, queen b slayed. her album sales soared 44%. >> how did it feel tonight? >> it wasn't beyonce who saw the biggest boost. >> this year bruno mars saw an increase in sales of 400%. hopefully not far behind up 365%. last year, missy elliott -- ♪ ♪ >> her sales were up about 1,000%. >> blessed. very blessed. >> so i can guarantee that gaga will perform from her album at the end of october. >> meanwhile, want to talk about a new gig? >> cameron math son is in england at stonehenge with mark wahlberg and the rest of the cast of the newest "transformers" movie. another exclusive. >> what's going on? >> welcome to the set of transformers and i am here with the man himself, mark wahlberg and there is just action all over the place here.
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we have choppers landing. >> yeah. >> taking off. we have something that officially gets blown up today. >> it gets crazier and crazier every day we go on. >> crazy doesn't even begin to cover it. there are helicopters everywhere, but what's crazier, mark's traveling. >> when you're on the road like this for as long as you are, what's one thing that you make sure you have with you when you travel. >> right now it's my workout equipment and i have my rotisserie so i make my own chicken. i have a blender and a hot plate if i'm making eggs in the morning and the 2:00, 3:00 in the morning and my clubs. >> you told me you get up every day around 3:30, you workout and do your speed round of golf before coming to work. >> i put on a lot of weight for that movie and michael saw me and he freaked out and i would be in shape. >> life hasn't been too rough on the road for mark and there are
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some perks. >> my family was here and eugenie was nice enough to take us on a private tour of the palace. >> that's the life. one day you're a rapper modeling underwear and the next day you're a dad. >> that's how it goes. >> up next, kaley cuoco in love. the big bang star's first public appearance with her new man. >> mary hart returns to "e.t." we're with the legend today. >> does this new jonbenet ramsey we're with the 6-year-old actress who had to re-enact the death of the beauty queen. >> ben affleck unguarded and gushing about his kids. and dancing's real-life couple gives us a tour of their new love nest. >> hello, "e.t." >> welcome to our house. >> come on in. >> first, lupita nyong'o is more than an academy award winner and style icon.
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>> i'm secretly a rapper. >> what? ♪ ♪ >> no hating ffom us and her new movie queen of katwe is getting critical acclaim. lupita plays the mother of a young girl from uganda who against all odds becomes a world-class chess player. alicia keys penned a song for the film. ♪ ♪ >> here's hoping we see an alicia-lupita collaboration in the future. ♪ ♪ >> b
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kaley cuoco looking so in lovemaking her red carpet debut her boyfriend. the pair held hands as they head out to longine masters. carl is a professional equestrian and kaley ride too. they've been dating since march. >> cute couple. >> dancing with the stars pro emma slater and partner rick perry got the boot, but that
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gives emma more time to decorate the house she shares with boyfriend sasha farber. she's dancing on with joy. >> hello, "e.t." >> welcome to our house. >> come on in. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my gosh. we have to get it. i didn't each go inside. >> the moment we walked in it was, like, this is our home. >> we just loved the fairytale look of the house and it reminds me of hansel and gretel. >> the couple moved into the 1600 square-foot home in august. >> right here is where the choreography comes together and we choreographed our routines. >> and the million dollar l.a. hideaway is also a hangout for their "dancing with the stars" castmates. >> we had derek over. >> they love the house. it's cool to come here after rehearsals and whatever we're doing just to chill especially outside. >> emma is from england and
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sasha was born innrussia, but grew up in australia. they met on broadway and have been dating for five years. >> everybody on "dancing with the stars" is having babies and getting married and it's family time. >> marriage is definitely in the cards and there's just no time at the moment. we're so busy. you never know, one day soon. one day, tomorrow next week, who knows? >> it's definitely -- >> in the cards. >> still ahead, we're on the set of the jonbenet movie. was taking on the tragic role too much for this child actress? >> ben affleck looks back at his adorable first tv role at age 12. >> i'm ben affleck, and i'm going into the united states army. >> and we flashback to kirstie alley's game show past. which of her scream queens co-stars was there, too. >> i needed money desperately. closed captioning provided by -- because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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some of my clients are dangerous. >> we have to go to the police. >> the police can't protect you. >> ben affleck plays the ultimate loner in "the accountant," but off screen all ben wants to do is spend time with his kids. he opened up to our carly and talked about his family life when they sat down today. >> have you pulled the hollywood card to get cool points with your kids. >> i introduced my kids to taylor swift and it was like god came down and walked on the water. they didn't say anything and they were totally frozen. >> how much fun is it for your kids to get to visit you on the set? >> it's good to have, you know, hat youo and part of your ware life. it's good for them to know where i'm going when i go to work and what that looks like. they're kind of over it and not impressed by it and now it's like pulling teeth and they know
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it's boring, but they get candy. >> they come for craft services. >> and since it's flashback friday we had to bust out this clip of 1984 of a pre-teen ben. >> i'm ben affleck and i'm with the united states army. >> he wassed on the educational series the voyage of the mimi and his voice hadn't changed yet. >> if it's taylor swift they're into it, but my kids -- i don't talk to much about having been a child actor because i don't want them to get any ideas about, you know, doing it themselves. >> today in his newest role in "the accountant" he's a bookkeeper for bad guys turned vigilante. >> the real fun was the training for the fight scenes and the physicality of it. i was dedicated to try to make the action as good, as realistic as much as possible. >> we saw the flashback moment with ben and we had one read per kirstie alley when we visited her on the set of "scream
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queens." etonline took her back to the start before she got the spot on "cheers". >> when i moved to los angeles and i wasn't an actress and i needed money desperately, and i went on "the match game" and jamie lee was on the panel. >> and i was walking down the hall and she said hi. and i was, like -- >> who would have guessed that 37 years later kirstie and jamie would be reunited to strike fear in the hearts of the chanels. >> i'm going to be feeling great in about 15 minutes. >> talk about nurse ingrid -- >> ingrid marie hothel. that's even hard to say. >> that's one of the best last names in tv history. >> i thought i smelled something hothel. >> that's hilarious. i just registered your name
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sounds like awful. >> she told us rehearsals are a lot easier here than they were on "dancing with the stars" where she danced with pro maksim chmerkovskiy and later famously feuded with him. >> o you still see "dancing with the stars". >> i see them sometimes. i hear he's having a baby. congratulations. >> have you been watching this season? >> i haven't been watching this season, i have to say because there's another show that's in competition with it that i sort of gotten hooked on. >> you're allowed to say that. >> "the voice." i've gotten really hung up on "the voice". >> as for her new gig. >> if you can't help me i'll find someone who can. >> that's not real. >> in real life kirstie is a lot of fun. okay. pifetime has a new movie about the death of jonbenet ramsey, but when we visited the set we were blown away by the little
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girl who plays the murdered child. her resemblance to jonbenet is haunting. >> hi, e.t. the side by side comparison almost requires a double take. in fact, 6-year-old payton lipinski got the role because of her striking resemblance to jonbenet. the child model from canada beat out 20 other little girls who auditioned. >> play makeup. >> here's what we know about lifetime's movie, who killed jonbenet? they re-created five pageant scenes and only used one and the others were used as photos of the evidence board. >> they staged it to look like a kidnapping. >> as for the cast, mr. robot's michael gil plays john ramsey while she is patsy. >> she means everything to me. >> you're making it look like you're involved. >> we just lost our daughter.
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>> what you do in the next 24 hours will decide the rest of your life. ♪ ♪ >> you want your mother to tickle you? >> yes! >> what's interesting is payton plays the dead scenes of jonbenet who was found beaten and strangled with duct tape over her mouth and producers were careful and treated those scenes like it was halloween or a game so the girl wouldn't be scared. as for how peyton's mom felt? >> it's hard. there were some parts in the movie that i saw my baby lying on the floor, and that got to me. she knows now that the little girl did pass away. we talked about wearing bracelets and necklaces. i will let her watch the good part. >> it doesn't have a lot of dialogue in the movie and we found out they're downplaying the pageant angle and the story
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focusses on jonbenet being a normal little girl. >> we'll be right back.
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kill a king. >> watch it at primal consideration provided by -- we would not be standing right here if it wasn't for the most wonderful woman, our own mary hart. >> you know, she's the person who started this whole genre of entertainment news and today i was oh, so proud to take part in
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a special luncheon to mary to honor her legendary career. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary hart. >> here we go. the oscars on "e.t. "qwest. >> september 19, 1982. that was the day mary hosted her very first "entertainment tonight," a job she held on to for 29 years. >> being a part of something that changed television. being a part of creating a genre of tv, entertainment news. >> we were really honored to present mary with the art gillmore career achievement award at the pacific pioneer broadcasters luncheon. >> you know what? it's a very special award and it really is truly an honor.
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